Customer Contract


  • Painting Columbus will perform all the Work that is stated in the estimate for the owner, which have been signed by both the parties, and substantially commence the Work of this Contract by the start date above.

    Painting Columbus has Provided the owner an Estimate of work to be performed, via Email or Hand Delivered.

    The Contract Price shall be subject to adjustments due to additional work not put in by estimate and an additional work order must be provided and added to General Conditions of the Contract, and must be approved by a Painting Columbus officer.

    Subject to applicable legislation and, where such legislation does not exist or apply, in accordance with such prescribed regulations or industry practice respecting holdback percentages and in accordance with the provisions of the General Conditions of the Contract, the Owner shall:

    (1) make initial down payment to Painting Columbus on Contract Price, quoted on estimate. The amounts and payment types to be certified by Painting Columbus;

    (2) upon Substantial Performance of the work as certified by Owner, to pay to Painting Columbus any unpaid balance of holdback monies then due; and

    (3) upon Total Performance of the Work as certified by Owner, pay to Painting Columbus any unpaid balance of the Contract Price then due.

    If the Owner fails to comply with payments to Painting Columbus if any, and as they become due under the terms of this Contract, Painting Columbus reserves the right to cease any further work until the amount due is paid by Owner.

    All communications in writing between the parties or between them shall be deemed to have been received by the addressee if delivered to the individual or to a member of the firm or to an officer of the Corporation for whom they are intended.